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Guide Install

1 - Get the app on the Play Store

Download & install the app from the Google Play Store. Either follow the link below or search for “QDOS Performance” in the Google Play Store and download it from there.

Group 8943

2 - Set up an account

QDOS Performance allows you to set up an account, review our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy on the links in the app.

All users

3 - Review the features of QDOS

Quickly review some of the key features of QDOS.

Guide 5

4 - Create account via LinkedIn

Create account via either LinkedIn or your email address.

Guide 6

5 - Follow the steps on the LinkedIn pop-up.

Follow the LinkedIn login screen.

Guide 7

6 - Access your company

Access your company by adding the Company Code that you received in the Invitation email or ask the company admin.

Guide 8

7 - Add the Company Code

Request to join the company. Remember that the company admin will have to approve your access, until then your account will be set as a solo user. Once you have been approved, you will receive an email.

Guide 10

8 - Set your profile

Select your usual working days for us to properly display your average meetings per day. Set your meeting goals per week.

All this can be changed at any time in the Profile page.

Guide 9

9 - All done!

You can now start to use the QDOS Performance app!

App - Android & IOS

Start a meeting

Start a meeting from this page

1- Start a meeting

Start a meeting by clicking on the green button.

Select In-person or Virtual meeting

1.1 - Start a meeting

Choose either a In-Person or Virtual meeting.

Select or add new customer

2 - Choose or add company

Either search or add a company. Click on the plus sign in the top right corner to add a company.

Acc Company

2.1 - Add company

Write the name of the company and add it with the “Add Company” button.

Add Contact

2.2 - Add contact

Add the contact that you are meeting. Name and email is required, phone is optional.

Select meeting type

3 - Select meeting type

Select the meeting type and start the meeting.

Meeting in progress / End meeting once it's finished

4 - End meeting

Meeting has now started, you can leave the app and it will run in the background. Remember to come back in and check out from the meeting.

Click on “End meeting” when you are finished with the meeting. This will trigger an email to be sent later on with the customer experience survey.

Add a personal reflection on the meeting

5 - Add a meeting reflection

Add a meeting reflection that is available for you and if you choose your colleagues. You can choose to also skip this.


Web Dashboard

Create admin account

Sign up 1.1

1 - Set up an admin account

Use an email address that is associated with your company and set a password.

Sign up 2.1

2 - Verify your email address

You received a verification code in your email, use this to verify that you own the email address you used.

Sign up 3.1

3 - Choose company name

Set your company name, remember that this can’t be changed.

Sign up 4

4 - Invite users

Your company is now set up, invite users via their emails to join your company. 

Sign up 5

5 - Sign in to your new account

You can now sign in to your account!

Web Dashboard

Approve users (Admin)


1 - Users requests to join company

Users will request to join your company from their app. They will use the Company Code that is visible both for the admin or in the invitation email sent to the users. The Company Code is unique to the company, but not to the user so any user can use the same code.


2 - Approve user

Once a user has requested to join your company, you will receive an email on this and you will need to approve (or reject) the user in the Admin Dashboard.


3 - User is approved

User is now approved and the user will receive an email that they have been approved (or rejected). The admin can edit their access to the company and reject them at any time.

Web Dashboard

Create team (Admin)


1 - Set up teams

Teams can be created to fit any type of sales organisation. 


2 - Create a team

A team can be set to “report” to another team, in this way sub-teams can be created. Any level of sub-team can be created.


3 - Team has been created

The team has now been created. The name & who it reports to can be edited at any time with the “Edit” button.