Sales Roles

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Sales Leaders

Leading a sales team is one of the most important jobs in your business. Understanding what good looks like is key to your success going forward. But the skills that are differentiating the best are changing, sales people are delivering relationships not just targets.

Qdos Performance allows you to gain critical insights to the productivity of your team from a single dashboard. The unique combination of real time customer feedback, sales person activity and immediate coaching interventions will allow you to power forward. KPI’s have always been important for sales leaders  and now at your fingertips the Qdos dashboard will all you to drill down into the leading indicators enabling you to make informed decisions based on data gathered from sales meetings.

Sales Operations

Ensuring your sales teams have effective coverage of territories and accounts is a key responsibility for sales operations. Qdos Performance allows you to see in real time which customers and prospects are receiving the most attention from your field based sales teams. 

Are your sales resources located in the right place for your customers? The Qdos Performance dashboard allows you to gain insights into sales activity that you have never been able to see previously. Sales metrics that can help predict the future success of the sales team  has always been a challenge, but don’t worry we’ve got your back. Our reporting dashboard allows you to drill down into the details, so you can identify the most productive sales person , or team, allowing you to replicate best practice across the organisation. We developed insights that will enable you to make informed decisions on where to deploy your resources to meet the demands of your customers.

Finance/Managing Director

Your sales team is an extremely important resource for your business, but how do you ensure that it is ahead of the competition? Qdos Performance delivers business leaders with new data based insights on the efficacy of your sales teams. 

Why does is take one person less time to close a deal than another? Is that customer buying because of the salesperson or despite?  Do the sales team only ever visit their favourite customers?With our data driven performance management dashboard that combines real time feedback from clients, it enables you to make better informed decisions that can help your business grow.

Sales Trainers

A one size fits all approach never works across an organisation with different experiences and skill sets. You know that retaining new skills is a challenge, and purposeful practice does make perfect. 

Qdos Performance enables you to quickly diagnose training requirements and pinpoint aspects of the sales process that require further coaching.  By tailoring training to the specific need of the sales person ensures a higher retention of knowledge.  Reinforcing positive habits through feedback helps to strengthen skills and improve performance. No longer will you need to ship deep your class, the feedback you receive from Qdos performance allows you quickly isolate the training requirement and provide the sales person with the knowledge needed to improve their game.

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