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Why would a client put up a sign like this?

What do they have to fear from a sales call?  Perhaps, experience has told them, the visiting sales representative offers little in value, comes with a box of Krispy Kreme’s rather than a desire to listen and understand their business requirements.

It’s not a good situation to be in before the sales person crosses the threshold. Research from Hubspot, says that just 5% of customers trust sales people. That is a poor figure for a profession that most readers will be in, and hopefully share the desire to improve it.

We’ve been in situations too where our sales teams return from their calls, with a message that all is great with the client.  But a week or month later we receive the call from the same client or partner saying they are moving to the competition.

How did that happen?

What did we miss as sales leaders?

What has happened to client’s loyalty?

Sales people remain at the forefront of the business to business conversation; they own the relationship and are accountable for the revenue generated through that partner or client.  Business leaders place a lot of faith in the integrity of that relationship.  Perhaps a ride out day may get a view on the relationship. The health of the forecast may give an indication of future business. The former though can end up being a contrived meeting, and the latter can read like a wish list.

As a sales leader, unless you accompany your sales person to every visit, how do you know the relationship is on track? The sales person is adding value, and not just turning up with the doughnuts every month?

We recently read that 53% of customer loyalty is driven by the sales experience not brand, price, service or even the product. Therefore, the face to face interactions our sales teams have with clients are becoming even more important to differentiate over the competition.  If the sales team are out of synchronisation with the client, then they will never progress, and the reputational score will continue to diminish.

We want change that 5% trust score. As sales people that poor reflection on our profession has spurned us to develop our own research backed platform to capture the loyalty score of each client based on quantitative real time feedback from each sales meeting.  This will then inform sales leaders on which relationships are sound, and who throughout the team is bringing more than just doughnuts.