Backpacking to Teaming, A view on what it takes to successfully partner in India

I first went to India backpacking in 1992 and since then have been captivated by the Indian culture, food, and of course cricket which is an Indian obsession!   Since then, my relationship with the country has deepened through business, and the need to utilise some of the fantastic resources and skills that are available there.

I travelled to India this week to progress the relationship with the Qdos team in Bengaluru.  The team work with us to support and develop the Qdos Performance Valued platform.  I believe, despite the distance and time required to reach Bengaluru, the face to face visit pays dividends.  It gives a great opportunity to build relationships, trust and understanding.  Virtual meetings have their place but cannot replace the bonds that can be built during face to face meetings.

I am continually blown away by the talent of people I meet during my visits. I have learned through these experiences there can be pitfalls, and getting it right requires empathy of the unique working environment and culture that exists in India.

I have witnessed organisations failing and having to return development to the home country.  This isn’t down to lack of ability on either side, but in my view it’s an assumptive view that every aspect of the relationship and delivery will be the same as if sourced at  ‘home’.

My tip for what it’s worth for any budding venture in India, is when you are there go as local as you can.  That doesn’t mean heading to the nearest backpacker’s hostel or dining on street food (although that can be very tasty), it means walking the streets, avoiding a Starbucks (however tempting) and taking time  to see and feel what makes India tick.  Developing this understanding will give a sense of perspective that is genuinely required for a successful business relationship.