Welcome to Qdos Performance

Our mission is to transform sales teams by capturing customer engagement and valuing performance.

Daily use of the Qdos Performance platform – to gather sales activities and customers’ feedback – gets sales people and their leaders tapping into real-time performance insights.

Designed around the sales person’s day

Qdos Performance supports a sales person through their daily customer conversations.

The clear dashboard keeps them on track with their sales meetings. And it helps them ensure that their activities are in line with their individual goals.

Sales people can share their progress with colleagues and give each other a ‘thumbs up’ reward as they meet or exceed their goals.

Step 1 Prepare for the customer visit

Simply search for the client organisation you are due to visit. The colour let’s you know if the visit frequency is in line with your goals.

This is your chance to focus your schedule on the customer you need to meet, rather than the one round the corner.

Step 2 Set up the meeting

After choosing the organisation, select the key person you are due to meet with.

If you need to contact them beforehand, tap the contact button to initiate a call or email.

Step 3 Define the meeting purpose

Now select the meeting purpose from list. Your preparation is done.

Step 4 Start your meeting

With the meeting summary displayed, press the start button and get started!

Step 5 Reflect on how it went

We believe that self appraisal is central to personal development.

After finishing your meeting, Qdos Performance lets you reflect on how it went. You can add a note on what worked well, or what you want to do differently next time.

You can search your notes to build a journal to use in your coaching or 1:1 sessions, or to support your future meetings.

Step 6 Get customer feedback

Once you’ve finished the meeting, your customer is automatically sent a short survey to gather their real-time feedback.

Their responses provide unique insights into your understanding of them, your knowledge of their business and their satisfaction with the sales experience.

Objective customer feedback helps you develop your skills and builds your reputation as a trusted advisor.

Step 7 What next?

After every meeting, you can check for any other customers nearby.

And, if time permits, you can use the app to organise your next meeting.

Step 8 Stay on track

At any time you can check your progress towards your goals.

You can see, at a glance, the number of meetings you’ve carried out. And you can track the feedback you’ve received from your customers and colleagues.

The Qdos Rating

We combine the scores from customers’ responses into an overall rating.

A sales rep’s Qdos Rating shows how satisfied their customers are with the experiences they create. It’s a portable mark of their personal reputation, as well as evidence of their company’s standing in the market.

Team leaders can see who’s adding value and who’s generating long-term trust. The customer’s voice is part of the performance conversation.

Customers benefit from a power, peer-generated referral. They can use a sales reps’ Qdos Ratings to assess who they can trust.

The Qdos Dashboard

Real-time results can put a company ahead of its competitors. But typical CRM dashboards don’t answer the questions we asked ourselves as sales leaders.

So we took a step back, identified the key sales metrics we believe drive high performance, and produced our own Qdos Dashboard.

The dashboard can be used in team meetings, 1:1s and coaching sessions to explore key performance questions, for example:

  • Which customers are getting the best sales experience?
  • How are new starters performing?
  • How does the activity profile compare between team members?
  • How much non customer-facing time do our sales people have?
  • Which parts of a sales territory receive the most attention?
  • Why does it take one sales person multiple visits to close a deal, but another just a few?
  • Are some customers being neglected despite their high potential?

The Qdos Dashboard offers performance insights that equip leaders to develop their sales people and make more informed decisions.