Welcome to QDOS. Performance valued.

QDOS is a dynamic, real-time platform, that provides leaders with unique insights to their sales teams' performance and their customers' feedback.

Together we can transform your sales team, with targeted coaching, improved collaboration and empowered customer engagement.

We aspire to be the leading authority on sales performance metrics that provide a 360 view.

"Put the coffee down!"

Just 5% of buyers believe sales people are trustworthy. Our goal is to transform the reputation of sales people globally. Through the unique "Performance Valued QDOS" rating, sales people will have the opportunity to build their profile through objective client reviews after each meeting. Thus building their reputation across their client base as a genuine trusted advisor.

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Performance Coached

Research shows that 60% of sales people are more likely to leave their job if their manager is a poor coach. Knowing what area to work on is vital for success and motivation. Based on individual metrics, the QDOS platform allows sales managers to focus their coaching on key development areas.

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Sales performance is in our DNA.

We have cross functional expertise to enable us to understand how to manage successful sales teams. We share our knowledge with organisations who want to build positive working sales environments that flourish within a performance valued culture.

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