A unified way to act on sales activity & customer experience

QDOS Performance is a dynamic, real-time platform which provides salespeople and their leaders’ unique insights into their salesforce’s sales activity & customer experience.

  • Sales App
  • Customer Survey
  • Analytics Dashboard
Sales App
Analytics Dashboard
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App for sales people

Sales people sets up their account directly in the QDOS Performance app, then use it straight away as a solo user or joins a team.

Survey for customers

The customer experience survey is sent to visited clients after completed meetings. It let’s sales people and their leaders gain insight into the customers experience.

Dashboard for leaders

It all merges in the dynamic and real-time dashboard accessible by the salespeople and leader.

Meet customers

The QDOS Performance app allows sales people to log and reflect in a dynamic and quick interface while being able to gain insights into the sales activity, all in one app.


Listen to customers

After a visit, an anonymous e-mail survey is sent to the customer that contains questions on how the visit went. A possibility for sales people and leaders to understand how the visit was perceived by the customer. 

Act on insights

It all comes together in the analytics dashboard, accessible for both sales people and leaders in the organisation. I allows them to understand what makes good and how to achieve it.

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