Welcome to Qdos. Performance valued.

Qdos Performance is a dynamic, real-time platform that gives sales people and their leaders unique insights into their activities and their customers' feedback.

It can transform sales performance, putting improved collaboration, empowered customer engagement and targeted sales coaching in your hands.

We aspire to be the leading authority on 360-degree sales performance metrics.

How do we do it?

We start with the real issues within sales relationships:
  • your customers’ concerns
  • your sales people’s approach
  • your questions and leadership response
We focus on what you can impact and improve:
  • your sales process
  • your development process
  • the outcomes you’re working to achieve

And we make the connections, gathering the data that links sales activity and customer experience. With Qdos Performance, your sales people can track customers’ reactions, learn from their feedback and improve their approach. And you can link their activity and customer impact to performance, and provide the clarity, support and development they need to build trust with your customers.

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Sales performance is in our DNA.

We know and love sales. And our fascination and experience mean we understand how to create successful sales environments. We work with leaders who want to build sales teams that can flourish within a culture that values performance. If this is you, let’s talk.

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